Jun 132015

At some point, life was supposed to get easier. The hope of “something better” and “change” kept me going for so long, I lost track of time. And suddenly, a year and a half later, I find myself in a spot where not much has changed. I still work at the job I don’t want to be at. Nearly 24 months straight of serious job searching has availed just a few interviews and no offers. […]

Apr 282015

John’s alarm woke me up the second time it went off. I rolled over and kissed his back. “Get up, you!” I teased. “I’m trying to sleep over here.” He turned toward me and propped himself up on his elbow, kissing me. “Yes, dear Katie,” he chuckled. He got up to shower while I remained in bed, enjoying the fact I didn’t have to join him.  We were mostly on vacation, although John had managed […]

Apr 062015
He's just not into me

Six months ago, I found myself falling for someone. (We’ll call him GamerDom.) It started as an innocent conversation that blossomed into a friendship where I found myself deeply attracted to him. I’ve never met anyone like him before. He brought out feelings in me that had only ever existed in fantasy: being submissive. It was during that first conversation where he said the line that stopped my world and made me refocus: “Nothing annoys […]

Mar 242015
Going to see ma peeps at Catalyst Con!

Eek. In less than 24 hours, I’m leaving for Catalyst Con and I feel so woefully unprepared! I’ve never attended a sex-related conference before, and I’m beyond excited. I’ve watched 3 ccons pass me by and I promised myself that in 2015 I would make it to one. And here we are. I hoped by this point I would have healed from this really long and super life-sucking depression I’ve endured over the past year. […]

Feb 122015

Ever have someone awaken a thirst in you that cannot be quenched? Baby, I’m thirsty. Let me drink you in. Let me taste you and experience you in every way we’ve imagined and more. I’m so thirsty. When can I have more? I need more of you. I can’t keep living on these little tastes. Please baby, don’t just give me what I want, give me what I need. Without you, my world is dry […]

Jan 262015

“Follow my blog with Bloglovin” So it turns out some people are following me on Bloglovin and I had no idea — so now I’m officially on there. If you’re here because of that, let me know!

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