Nov 102015

It had been a month since I’d seen Dominic. My Master for two years, we normally played several times a week. Most weekends he stayed at “Hotel Slut” – in other words, my home. I was used to being his slut and slave as part of my normal routine, but the past month his life had been consumed with work and travel. Finally, he was on his way over.

I was ready for his arrival: my collar had been shined, legs and pussy shaved, body lightly oiled, fresh sheets on the bed, all toys clean and set out for him. I was naked, aside from my collar, ready to greet him with my normal prostrate bow, nose on the floor, welcoming him to His slut’s home.  I could feel the wetness pooling between my legs, my desire for him unquenched despite weeks of masturbating according to his instructions.

He arrived on time as he always did. In everything he was the epitome of organization. I bent over, kneeling and placed my palms on the floor bowing to him when I heard his keys in the door. I heard him enter and pause, as he always did, to view me. He sighed contentedly, “I’m so happy to see you, slut.”

“Welcome, Sir,” I breathed, nose still touching the carpet. I heard him walk around me, inspecting me as he always did.

“Ass up, slut.” I pushed up, ass in the air with my nose still on the ground as he inspected my ass and my pussy. His fingers traced lightly on my skin and my breathing hitched. It had been so long…

“I’m glad to see you’ve been taking care of yourself, just like I wanted,” He said. “Now, to the bedroom and on the bed like I like.” He gave me a swift but gentle swat on the butt as I stood up and walked in front of me. He followed me and I knew he was watching my cheeks and hips move down the hallway. I climbed onto the bed and knelt down in the same position I had greeted him in.

“I’ve missed this sight,” He said. I could hear the smile in his tone. He undressed and started sorting through our toy chest. After a few moments, he walked over to the bed and placed some toys next to me and put his hands on my ass. “A whole month without my slave, what do you think I should do with you?”

“I don’t know, Sir.”

“Should I make you suck my cock until you’re jaw is sore? Or fuck your tight ass to remind you just who you belong to? Or should I spank you until I’m satisfied and you’re begging me to stop?”

“As you desire, Sir, I am yours.”

“Yes, my slut, you are. I think after a month you deserve a reminder of that. Lie down on your back, as if you were going to sleep, but no pillow.”

I moved immediately, confused. This was not our normal (if there was a normal) play. I put my head on the bed, facing up and laid down. He took my hands and pulled them up, tying them together in a tight knot and looping the rope to each side of the headboard. There wasn’t much wiggle room.

Then he moved to my feet, and I expected to be stretch spread eagle, exposed for him to punish and pleasure me as he saw fit, but instead he knotted new ropes together and tied my feet together. He then bound my knees together, and finally secured my legs to each side of the foot of the bed. I couldn’t move very much and my heart started to race, not knowing what he would do next.

“We’re going to play a game, slut.” He had a wicked glint in his eye, one where I knew I’d be in a precarious position.  “You’re going to show me how much you missed my cock… the more you pleasure me, the more pleasure you’ll get in return.” He pulled out my small, but very strong, Tango vibrator. “The more I like what you do, the higher I’ll turn this up… if you start to focus too much on your own pleasure, I’ll turn it off, and you’ll have to start all over once I think you’ve earned it. Understand?”

I nodded. “Yes, Sir.” This would take some concentration.

“Good girl.” He put some lube on the vibe and slid it between my pussy lips, up against my clit. “How’s the placement?”

“I think its good, Sir. Hard to tell…”

He turned it on the lowest setting and my body reflexively jumped. “NOW, how’s the placement.” I could feel it buzzing against my clit, my lips, and down towards my vagina. Oh god this was already feeling good!

“Perfect, Sir.”

“Good. Now, show me how much you missed your Master’s cock.” He straddled my chest and his erect penis presented itself to my mouth.

I kissed the head, a glistening drop of pre-cum already there waiting for me. My tongue swirled gently and lightly around, welcoming him home.  For a moment, I forgot about the vibrator as my eyes closed and I focused on him. I opened my mouth and he obliged by pushing into me, letting my tongue and lips stroke him. After two years, I felt like I’d mastered worshiping his cock and giving him exactly what he liked. He gently flexed his hips to create a fucking motion as I started to take more of him in my mouth. My saliva started to cover more of him. I got lost in sucking and licking his perfect penis, until —

My body jumped – he’d turned up the vibrator to the next level and I groaned in pleasure as he slid his cock into my mouth. “Careful, slut, you don’t want me to take it away, do you? Focus on what you do best.” He removed his cock and ran the tip around my lips. “Good sluts get rewarded…” and then slid it back into my wet, watering mouth.

My clit started to ache, wanting more. Worshipping his cock was my favorite act; it made me horny while giving me the greatest satisfaction to see him so happy with my service. He started face fucking me hard, rougher. I opened wide and tipped my head back to allow more of him in me. I’d grown used to him using my mouth as he wanted. My gag reflex had been tamed long ago; I was fully His.

The vibrator turned up to the next level and my clit began to demand more focus. I wanted to focus on how good it felt, but I couldn’t keep my mouth open at the right angle and time my breathing with his thrusts. With my legs strapped together, I couldn’t move – much. I flexed my legs just a bit, the slightest movement having an effect on that vibe pressed between my pussy lips.

He slapped my face – not hard, but not super gently. “I thought I said to ignore the vibe…. do that again, and I’ll take it away. You are NOT to move unless it’s your mouth on my cock, do you understand?

I tried to say, “Yes, Sir,” but he pushed his cock back into my mouth it was muffled. That look of wicked happiness was on his face. “No talking, slut. Your mouth has one purpose right now.” I obeyed. I fought against the compulsive ache in my pussy and forced my attention on his cock. I was taking all of him in me, now. Strong, steady thrusts he gave me and I licked him as I knew how. His cock was hard, stiff, and I could taste more pre-cum in the back of my throat as he pushed into me over and over. I was his fucktoy.

“Oh, slut, how I missed you…!” he moaned, thrusting into me. His pace quickened. “I’m going to cum – and you’re going to focus all of your attention on me, ready?” I did not – and could not answer. He turned the vibe up to its highest setting.

I started to scream, but his cock invaded me and cut off my hair. “Don’t. Move.” he growled at me. He was fucking me with all he could, my mouth completely his. I screamed and moaned as I could, my whole body trembling as I fought for control. I tried to lick him as he moved in and out of me, but involuntary shudders and moans were bursting from me every moment I could breathe. Every time I did, he pushed back into me to cut off my air. One of his hands reached for my using it as an anchor as a few last thrusts pushed into me. I was his anchor as waves of cum splashed down my throat.

He supported himself on both hands, still straddling my chest. “Oh you beautiful slut, you did that so well!”

I wanted to whimper, but instead I shouted as involuntary spasms rocked me. The vibe was everywhere on my pussy and I needed to cum…. had to cum…. He bent lower towards my face. “Do not move. I’m very serious. I will still take it away if you disobey.” I moaned in despair as he pulled away. I was so close, and yet so far…. My body wanted to move in response to the building pleasure happening in me… I needed to move my hips… I fought for control of my own body.

He moved up slightly and rested his balls on my face. “Lick. Lick your Sir. I only want to hear your screams if they’re muffled in service to me.”

I opened my mouth and gently licked and kissed him. I had to be so gentle compared to the racking pleasure taking over the rest of me.

“Don’t move.” He reminded me. I was beyond control, my body vibrating, waiting… edging…. so close… fervent kisses and licks from his balls to his cock. I had to show him I would obey. I could feel relief coming… building!

And it hit. I screamed, screamed with all my might into body, my legs jerking up the small area of movement they had, squirting everywhere as I came. The orgasm over took me and I was shut to everything but the pleasure coursing from my clit through my entire body. He shifted away from me and let my body ride the orgasm, uninhibited. When I stopped gushing, he pulled the vibe out and I gave one last shout of pleasure feeling it slide out from between my soaked lips.

He bent over and kissed my panting lips. “Thank you for the welcome home, slut. I missed you.”

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