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Note: This toy was provided to me free of charge by MaxiWand in exchange for a review. All opinions written below are my own.

The Toy

I don’t do many sexy toy reviews, but when one is offered to me of a product I want or have high hopes for, I always jump at the chance. When MaxiWand contacted me a few weeks ago about testing out the Magic Wand, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.  You may have read my review of the original Hitachi Magic Wand that I wrote three years ago. Since then, Hitachi has sold the rights to this product (apparently a sex toy is too negative on their brand image) and now they are just: Magic Wand. Vibratex now owns this product.

With this transfer of rights came the first real change in the development of this product in decades: new technology. There are now two options for this magical product: corded and cordless (aka, rechargeable). My original review about the corded product is reflective of that product today. Nothing has changed other than the name.

A look at the old and new Magic Wands, side by side

A look at the old and new Magic Wands, side by side

However, with this cordless option, the updated Magic Wand Rechargeable, offers some much better options than its predecessor.  The friendly folks at MaxiWand sent me the Rechargeable wand along with a Vibratex G-spot attachment. (More on that later). The plain brown box arrived in a few days and was well packaged and inconspicuous. The UPS driver probably had no idea that he had delivered what would become the best vibrator in my collection.

A few things have changed on this updated toy. First, the head of the toy is less round and more oblong, which I like. It makes the head slightly slimmer and longer. The surface of the head has also changed from the textured to a completely smooth silicone. It feels SO good compared to the older design. For me, the old texture was just a place for dust and body fluids to collect and require extra thorough cleaning – difficult to do on a corded appliance which is 90% electronics. This new texture makes cleaning and sanitizing the head much easier – just some soap and water as needed.

A look at the new Magic Wand smooth silicone head compared to the old, textured head

A look at the new Magic Wand smooth silicone head compared to the old, textured head

The change from corded to cordless is well done. The cord attaches at the base of the toy. Rather than the popular (and often frustrating) magnetic attachment, this is a pronged attachment which means the toy charges easily and you don’t have to worry about disturbing the connection. It charges in just a few hours and the battery holds its charge very well. I really love not being attached to a cord and have the freedom to move unencumbered by a cord on what is already a pretty hefty toy.

Now, for the super fun and best part of this toy update: the vibrations. Gone is the old Low/High switch and now there is a Power button, a vibration level button, and a pattern button. OMG YES. The power button button acts not only as the only way to turn it on (rather than hitting the vibration button), but it is also the only way to switch it off. I love an instant-off button on a toy, especially one with this kind of power. The last thing I want to do when I’m in orgasm and involuntarily moving is try to cycle through settings to find where “off” is! Turning the toy on turns it onto the lowest vibration level, which feels slightly lower than the “Low” setting on the corded model. It’s a great starting ground for playing with this toy. There are four total levels, each one building off the other by pressing the vibration button again. By the time you reach the fourth level, the vibrations are STRONG – and definitely stronger than the corded model. After three weeks I still haven’t moved up to this level, whereas on the corded model I spent more time on “High” than “Low” to orgasm.

A look at the Power and Vibration options on the Magic Wand

A look at the Power and Vibration options on the Magic Wand

The vibration patterns on this toy were a great surprise. There are again four to choose from, each distinct with its own fun factor to play with.

  1. The first pattern is a buzz–buzz–buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz–buzz–buzz–buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz which repeats constantly. The vibrations are strong, about a consistent 3 on the scale this toy offers.
  2. The second pattern is a more intense flavor of the first that goes buzzzzzzzzzzzzz–buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz–buzzzzzzzzzzzz and keeps repeating. The interrupts are just wide enough where your brain realizes what is about to happen – and then it hits you. They are timed incredibly well.
  3. The third pattern is perfect for teasing and torture: buzzz–buzzz–buzzz–buzzz–buzzz over and over. The buzzes are strong, intense, but are interrupted often its a jolt of pleasure then nothing, then another jolt.
  4. The fourth pattern is not one that appeals to me for solo play, although for partnered play I’d enjoy it. the pattern glides from low-high-low-high so it feels a bit like this: buuuuuuzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzuuuuubbbbuuuuzzzzzZZZZzzzzzuuuuub.

 The Sex (for her)

So far, I’ve only used this toy for masturbation and I love it. The variety of strengths and speeds allows me to orgasm more without getting that numb feeling that could happen with the corded version.

The feeling of the vibrations in terms of buzzy vs rumbly is still there, but the added flexibility you have with this cordless version makes it an absolute winner. To start using this, I turn it on the lowest setting and start on the outside of my labia, generally down towards my vagina and away from my clit. On the lowest setting the vibrations are just strong enough to travel rather than stay just where the toy is touching, so a lot of my vulva is stimulated from playing with this toy.

The only issue I’ve struggled with on this toy is accidentally turning it off vs turning up the vibration pattern since the buttons are so close together. However, this isn’t necessarily annoying because it’s almost a way of teasing myself by mistake. Hey, it’s a silver lining, right?

Perhaps the most difficult part of using this toy is delaying orgasm. Its power makes it very easy to orgasm quickly, and learning to back off and edge a bit will give a more intense orgasm on top of an intense vibration. If you want to experience deep vibrations that spread across your genitalia, this is THE toy for you.

The Verdict

Overall, I have to give this toy a 5/5. The upgrades to the head, the charging feature, and the multiple patterns and vibrations make this no longer just the “Cadillac” of sex toys, but the Rolls Royce of vibrators.

This is one toy I think everyone, regardless of gender or orientation, would love and enjoy in the bedroom. You can purchase either version of the Magic Wand from (note that the site only shows the corded version, however you can select the cordless version at checkout). If you’re in the UK, you can buy the 220V-240V version with corresponding plug (no convertors needed!) at

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