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John’s alarm woke me up the second time it went off. I rolled over and kissed his back. “Get up, you!” I teased. “I’m trying to sleep over here.” He turned toward me and propped himself up on his elbow, kissing me.

“Yes, dear Katie,” he chuckled. He got up to shower while I remained in bed, enjoying the fact I didn’t have to join him.  We were mostly on vacation, although John had managed to fit in a few client meetings. Two birds, one stone, I thought.

We’d been able to extend the trip a few extra days as a result; a few more days in London, one of my favorite cities, was nothing to complain about. The sheet fell, exposing my breasts as I sat up in bed.

“Will you be back in time for lunch?” I asked.

“I should be. Just a few hours then we’ll have the rest of the day together.” His eyes focused on my perky nipples. “You’re distracting me,” he said. He walked over to the bed and kissed me, more urgently than I expected as his hands felt my breasts, thumbs tweaking my already-hard nipples. I sighed and arched into him. He kissed me once more and then walked away to dress.

“It’s too bad you’ve got to work… I could think of a better way to spend the morning.”

“Oh, I have a feeling you’ll be fully occupied this morning, you won’t even have time to think of me.” He grinned in that dangerous way, the one that made me realize he knew something I didn’t.

“What?” I asked. “What do you mean I’ll be ‘fully occupied’? I’m only planning on going to the gym and reading my book.” He didn’t answer me, but continued getting dressed. I laid back down. There was no point in asking what he meant; no answer meant that I would have to wait until the answer was apparent.

I didn’t have to wait very long.

A knock came to our hotel door, and I pulled the covers back up to my chin. “Stay there,” he told me. He walked to the door and I heard it open, then a quiet, whispered conversation. The door closed and John walked back, fixing his tie. “What was that?” I asked.

“Oh, that? That was your breakfast. Right on time, too.”

“My… breakfast? Did you order me breakfast?”

That wicked smile came back to his face. “Yes, in fact I did. Although for this you’re going to need a few things. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a black, silk scarf. “First, you’ll need to put this on.”

“What? John, what is going on?” He lightly kissed my lips. “Don’t worry, dear. This is my special present to you. Now, put this on before I’m late to my meeting.”

I knew better than to argue. I put on the blindfold and he checked it to make sure I couldn’t peak. Satisfied, he pulled my hands together and tied them in front of me with a second scarf. Satisfied with his knots, I heard him walk away from the bed. “Now Kate, I’d like you to meet Luiza.”

Even though I couldn’t see anything, I turned my head to look for her. “Luiza?”

“Hello, Kate,” came the quiet reply. Her voice was girly and her British accent gave me butterflies. “I’m so looking forward to spending the morning with you.”

John’s voice was so smug I could almost see the smile I his face. “Now Katie, you be a good girl and make sure Luiza is well taken care of as our guest this morning. I expect you to eat to your heart’s content or until Luiza tells you to do otherwise. And Luiza – even though I hired you, Katie is here to please you. Don’t be afraid to use that riding crop I showed you on her if she doesn’t listen well enough.”

Luiza laughed. “Oh, I’m sure it won’t come to that, but I’ll keep it in mind.”

“Oh and Katie?” John asked.

“Yes?” My mind was whirling and I could already feel my pussy getting wet from anticipation. It wasn’t often that John invited women into our bed, and he’d never found one just for me. He knew how much I loved being with a woman; finding one just for me and not for us was truly special.

“Try to enjoy yourself, because Luiza has strict instructions not to let you orgasm while I’m gone. She’s our guest and I expect you to please her.” I tried to reply before he left, but I was still sputtering when I heard the door click.

There I was, blindfolded and handcuffed and naked. “So, Luiza… I, um, I’m not sure-” her lips were on mine, so suddenly. They were so soft, so petite, and she lightly grazed mine with her teeth before pushing me back, forcefully kissing me. Our mouths opened and we shared this deep, longing kiss full of want.

“There,” she sighed. I heard her clothes falling to the floor. “Don’t worry. Just do as I tell you and we’ll both be happy. Now, lie back, hands at your waist. Good, just like that.” Her hands started at my ankles and lightly brushed her fingers up my legs, toward my inner thighs.

I shivered slightly. “Just relax, Katie.” Hi fingers brushed across the top of my mound, and drew little circles on my hips. “How do you like to be touched? Softly, like this?” She ran her fingertips back down between my legs, pushing them slightly apart. “Softly, yes?”

I moaned in response as her fingers, barely touching me, stroked my lips. She ran one finger up the center, barely pressing in. My body tensed.

“Already so wet? Let’s see just how much,” her middle finger slid through my wetness, one long stroke from just outside my vagina to the top of my clit where my lips met again. A flash of pleasure, over too quickly. “Oh, I see. Well, let’s see if you can do the same to me.”

She climbed up onto the bed and straddled me, pinning my arms under her. She moved up, placing her knees beside my head. I could smell her. “Breakfast, Katie.”

She was delicious.


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