Jan 262015

“Follow my blog with Bloglovin” So it turns out some people are following me on Bloglovin and I had no idea — so now I’m officially on there. If you’re here because of that, let me know!

Jan 262015
Bad Romance, or, Lady Gaga and my love life

Remember when the song “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga debuted? I remember it quite vividly. It was the first time in years that a music video improved the song for me — and made me crave some part of life I felt like I was missing. But first, perhaps, a reminder of the video: Aesthetically, I love this video. It’s so symbolic, full of couture fashion, and dripping with sexual kinks. It’s not unusual for […]

Jan 112015

When I started this blog, I started writing because I had to share all joy and good in my life. I was finally waking up to my sexuality, a side of myself that I hadn’t been able to experience until a few years ago. I didn’t start writing to meet people or make friends. All I wanted was to share, express, rejoice. The people I have met over the past three years on twitter and […]

Jan 042015
2014: Depression and Growth

I don’t think I ever recall seeing so many people look back on a year and say, “It sucked.” And yet, that was almost my entire twitter feed this last week. Everyone had a rough 2014, it seems. Personal loss, challenges, tragedies, illness… so many negative feelings and emotions were wrapped up in 2014. Looking back, I’m tempted to think the same way. The year started with my an ultimatum from my sister that she […]

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