Dec 272014

I want to be yours.

I want to be your baby, your girl, your own. I want to be your only one. I want to look into your eyes and lose myself in the depths. I want to feel my heart pound as the long stare takes hold of us, everything fading around us but each other.

Let me be your world so I can make you mine. I want to be adored and cherished. I want to brighten your days like you brighten mine. Let me see your vulnerabilities so I can make you happy. Let me share the secret parts of myself and know you will like me anyway.

Let me be insecure and honest as I am with no other. Treat me better than I ever thought I deserved. Surprise me. Delight me. Spoil me. Be my friend and confidant. Make me laugh. Let me be me.

Be gentle. Be rough. Pull my hair. Make me scream. Make me cry.

Be gentle. Be rough. Pull my hair. Make me scream. Make me cry.

I want to be your sub. Let me tease you, play with you, listen to you, obey you. Let me misbehave and be punished as you see fit. Deny me what I want so you can give me what I want even more. Know me even better than I know myself.

Use me as you like; I exist for your pleasure. Teach me to be more patient in getting what I want. Show me I can be stronger than I think I am. Teach me to trust when I’m afraid to do so. Let me know I am completely safe with you. Let me be a brat and stubborn as I am, even though I know in the end, it will be as you say.

Indulge me in what I want, but deny me first. Make me serve you, delight you. Ask me or order me. Give me tasks to accomplish. Make me better than I am.

Let me be yours.

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