Dec 302014
I like it when you share

Recently at work my manager asked me to take the “Strengths Finder” test to help with some career development and planning. The results were pretty spot-on in my opinion. My top strength? Being able to sense the emotions of those around me. I’ve always considered myself a “flexible” person, in that I can flex my personality and communication to better fit with whomever I’m interacting with. Someone outgoing – I become more of a listener […]

Dec 272014
Let me be yours

I want to be yours. I want to be your baby, your girl, your own. I want to be your only one. I want to look into your eyes and lose myself in the depths. I want to feel my heart pound as the long stare takes hold of us, everything fading around us but each other. Let me be your world so I can make you mine. I want to be adored and cherished. […]

Dec 132014

What the fuck am I doing? I’ve asked that a lot of myself over the past year. Why am I letting this argument go? Why do I let my office get so messy? Why do I eat foods that are bad for me? Why do I stay at a job I don’t enjoy and that pays me too little to stay there? How am I ever going to find a new job if I don’t […]

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