Nov 302013

This is my 250th blog post! (I can’t believe I’ve already hit that number already.) If you’ve been following since the beginning (February 2012) or you’re a recent reader, I’m recapping some of my most popular and, from my perspective, most important posts.

  1. The story of my journey from complete sexual frustration and incompatibility to the joy of having a partner who fully embraces you as a sexual person.
  2. We’ve purchased a lot of sex toys together, but the most unconventional was the vibrating clit pump.  It was the first sex toy review I wrote and it has captured attention from sex toy purchasers and even  a sex/porn podcast.
  3. I started to learn what body appreciation from a partner really meant when he was so turned on by my thick thighs he fucked them.
  4. The first time he used a toy larger than his penis in my vagina, and then called me a slut for it. (Still one of the hottest discoveries of our sex life).
  5. Pegging is so much fun, especially when he’s on top riding cowboy.
  6. Someone asked me how to orgasm during sex with her male partner. I wrote back on my blog. A few weeks later, she told me that she had her first orgasm with her partner during sex and it had completely changed her sex life. I’m SO excited to have been a part of that.
  7. We had a conversation about how my pussy had changed in feeling over the course of our relationship.
  8. When I squirted for the first time, it was worth taking a picture for. Years of research and trying to focus with my body finally paid off in a big way.
  9. Foot fetish love. I’ve had quite a few foot fetish posts, but the one about Converse shoes is the most popular of them all.
  10. Our first threesome, of sorts. It wouldn’t be nearly so popular if it weren’t about pegging.
  11. It’s amazing what a great blow job can get you.
  12. I’m bisexual, and sometimes that means I have to debunk the myth that not all bisexuals are cheaters and incapable of being monogamous.


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