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When I was a teenager, I devoured three types of books: the Bible (and some other religious material), literary classics, and science fiction. I probably read as much science fiction as the first two categories. Timothy Zahn, Douglas Adams, Isaac Asimov, were among my favorites along with scores of others.

At some point, I found Terry Goodkind and started reading his Sword of Truth series. They were very different from what I had experienced; I’d never read true Fantasy novel.

I think it was book 2 in the series, Stone of Tears, where I read my first “erotica.” I’m putting “erotica” in the quote marks because I don’t think it was meant as an erotic scene. The series has some strange sexual storylines (the whole penis torture and punishment was not interesting to 15-year old me, so I stopped reading the series). But this one scene? I read it so many times I still have the main points memorized.

It was the first time I read something where I was turned on, despite my discomfort with the material. And even though it went against everything I knew and believed. What I read took over my masturbation fantasies. I went from imagining what oral sex and penetration would feel like to imaging what this would feel like.

You never know when or where you’ll find erotica. Or “erotica.” Here is what I remember:

A group of witches are having a dark, private ceremony in the woods. A forbidden ritual must take place to accept a new member. She lays on the ground, naked. Waiting. Her sisters stand around her holding candles or lanterns and observe her. They tie down her hands, outstretched from her body and her feet are held far apart. They wait. It doesn’t take long for the demon to appear. He sniffs her cunt and tastes with his tongue. Her sisters warned her not to make a sound. Not to move. To make a sound would ruin the ritual. She must endure.

Forest scene

A scene like this
Image via digital-amphetamine from deviant art

The demon is animal shaped. In my head it was always a dragon-wolf hybrid of sorts. Black scales, red eyes, a feral look in his eye. He crawls up hovering over her cold naked body. His thick, barbed penis enters her, tearing her. She must not make a sound. She must not show weakness. She must endure. She bleeds as he moves slowly in her. He cannot exit until he’s had his fill and every moment stretches her, hurts her.

At some point she has proved her acceptance of this barbaric act and she works her hips against him. It is up to her to fuck the evil being into orgasm. She must have that dark seed to complete the ritual. She works him from underneath and soon she has his come in her raw and torn vagina.

As soon as he comes, he is done. The barbs disappear and the giant phallus is now small and appears harmless. He fades away into the forest. The ritual is done. She can now join her sisters as an equal.

To the fifteen year old Christian virgin, that was the foulest, most sensational and sensory-loaded description of sex I’d ever come across. I still find it disturbing… except for when I masturbate. Fourteen years later, it’s still the thing to set me off every once in a while.

Does it disturb you or delight you?

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