Sep 012013

A few days ago I stripped away my anonymity and came out with my real name and identity. I put up pictures of my face on twitter and this blog. And you know what?

The world didn’t end!

I really didn’t expect it to, but what I loved was the outpouring of support and love from the blog- and twitter-spheres. No one questioned me or doubted my decision. (If they did, it was kept to themselves which I appreciate). Everyone has been so friendly and supportive. I was called brave and courageous several times. I’m not sure if this is bravery. It doesn’t quite feel right that you have to be brave to be yourself.

Perhaps in our world where I could be considered a weirdo for being so honest about who I am, the sort of risk does require bravery? I realize that I’m on the fringe of society with this. That is fine, if that’s where I belong. My hope would be to bring this kind of dialogue into a more accepted way of life.

It’s OK to explore your sexual personality. It’s OK to talk about sex. It’s OK to have relationship problems related to sex. It’s OK to want and look for a partner who can compliment you sexually. It’s OK to ask for help from others to help you do those things.

None of those statements are anything extreme. In fact, those statements are generally socially acceptable…. if you don’t actually TALK to people about it. If you do, make sure its in whispers and not in public and don’t tell your friends about it. That way, everyone can pretend it doesn’t happen and we can look down on those who do challenge this sexually-repressive status quo we’ve all come to know and dread.

Thank you again, blog readers, twitter friends, and even a few real life people I’ve shared this blog with, for your friendship and support. It’s made me feel stronger and happier about the decision and I continue to be so happy I made this choice for myself.

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