Aug 292013
Introducing.... me.

Introducing me, as myself. For the first time. My name is L. Elizabeth Sengele and today is not only my 29th birthday, it’s my official “coming out from anonymity” day. I am a sex-positive, kinky, bisexual woman who wants to talk, teach, consult, educate, discuss, and challenge the status quo of sexuality. I’ve come a long way from the ultra-conservative background of virgin on the wedding night to someone who acknowledges and is comfortable with […]

Aug 032013
BlogHer: the introverted newbie experience

I really enjoyed my experience at BlogHer last weekend. It was a last minute decision which was scary for an introverted planner like myself. I didn’t have time to come up with business cards, fix my blog (it was in shambles from the transition from blogger to WP), and I had no time to mentally prepare myself. Normally, I would have spent two weeks reading round-ups and advice from others in the BlogHer network and […]

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