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This week’s TMI Tuesday questions are about important choices we have to make in life, and writing your own TMI questions. Join me in playing . . .

1. Would you rather be smart or awesome? Why?

I’d rather be smart. I’m already smart and I think I’m awesome that way, so I kind of feel like I’m both already. If I had to be one and only one, I’d still choose brains over popularity (which is what I sense this question to be about).

2. Would you rather french kiss a cat or pleasure a frog?

Um… I have a cat. So I’d rather pleasure a frog. I’m assuming this is done via fingers and NOT my mouth which is the important distinction here. Cat food breath is just…. gross.

3. Would you rather live the rest of your life with Darth Vader’s voice or Alvin the Chipmunk’s voice?

Darth Vader! Aside from the nerd factor, I think I would be taken seriously as Darth Vader…. as Alvin I’d never get anywhere in life but porn, I think.

4. Would you rather sail the Caribbean on a week long FREE cruise with the ship’s crew and 20 five-year-old children or shovel coal in a coal mine for a month?

This is a tough one for me. I do NOT like the idea of a cruise – it terrifies me. I’ve had to experience Norovirus on land in my home, I can’t imagine that on a ship. I don’t like my day being scheduled for me and a cruise is just that despite the “freedom” they claim you have.

However, I’m also claustrophobic and a worrier, so working in a coal mine just spells a month of anxiety. On the whole I enjoy five year olds so I’d rather deal with them for a week and try to make something fun out of it.

5. Would you rather make an obscene phone call to your mother once a week or get a text message from your father every time he’s horny? Why?

Text message. I can at least ignore those or not acknowledge them whereas with my mother it would require interaction and that conversation would spill over into the rest of the week, so it would be an unending cycle of misery.

6. Would you rather have dinner with all your exes at once or with five guys on death row having their last meal?

All my exes at once…. easy since I have 1.5 exes. Really, I have one legitimate ex and another that I count as a partial ex. (Technically he broke up with me, but we were never official and it meant more to me than him).

Besides, the partial ex is still a good friend of mine and would be there to help make things less awkward between myself and the real ex. Five strangers on death row would be just terrifying for me.

Bonus: Write one unique question for possible use in a future TMI Tuesday, and submit it as your bonus answer for this week.

Ooh, what an interesting take on this bonus! Ok, here we go:

Men: Have you ever tracked a friend’s or partner’s periods for the purpose of treating them different during that time? Women: How would you feel if a partner did this?

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  4 Responses to “TMI Tuesday: Would you rather….? Part 2”

  1. Love your bonus question. I would love to see what the male responses would be to that.

  2. For those people that I talked to about this, I only know a couple of girls who were “regular”; so many used to moan about it being quite variable.

    If they can’t track them, what chance would I stand!

  3. 5. Excellent reasoning.

    Bonus: Oooooh…most excellent question for a future TMI Tuesday. Thank you.


  4. Your bonus question rocks!! And I should have thought about getting further information before answering the cat vs. frog question. If I have to use my mouth to pleasure a frog, I’m going to change to frenching a cat for sure!! Meeow!!

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