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Note: This toy was sent to me free of charge by Fun Factory USA in exchange for a review. All opinions below are my own.

The Toy
The Stronic Zwei is the second (zwei = two, get it?) pulsation toy from Fun Factory. It’s a new type of toy where it pulsates vs vibrates. This means it moves not back and forth like a vibration, but up and down so it actually has a fucking motion to you. It’s a brilliant idea and brings a completely different sensation than a vibration toy.

It looks like a good toy, but it's a big one

It looks like a good toy, but it’s a big one

The toy is two separate parts: a plastic handle and silicone body. The handle contains the magnetic charging “dots” at the base and then three buttons. The toy charges by letting the plug-in charger magnetically attach to the metal “dots” at the base of the handle. As with any charging toy, the initial charge is pretty long (more than 6 hours) and you have to plan ahead and keep the toy charged if you want to play with it at any time.

Three buttons to cycle through for 10 patters and the On/Off

Three buttons to cycle through for 10 patters and the On/Off

The three buttons on the handle allow you to cycle through the 10 pulsation settings. This was my first complaint about this product; on a cheaper toy, I understand you may have to cycle through all of the settings – it’s cheaper to build that into the toy. However, I’d really prefer a remote control if the buttons are on the bottom of the handle and I’m supposed to cycle through with ease while this toy is inside of me? Also, I hate having to cycle through different sensations just to find the “off setting.” It makes turning it off a bit annoying because when I’m enjoying this product I’m honestly not going to count how many times I’ve pushed each button to calculate how many additional pushes are needed to find “Off.” There should be a quick “On/Off” button that’s separate in case I need it!

The body of the Stronic Zwei is made of medical grade silicone and has a soft, almost velvety feel to it. This shape of this toy differs from the Stronic Eins in several ways. (The Eins was made first and is designed for vaginal use only). First, this toy was developed for prostate play for men. It has a different shape, including a bulbous head to hit the prostate just right. It also has a flared base so it is safe for anal play.

These key differences between the Eins and Zwei does not mean it can’t be used by women. To me, the shape of this toy looked more appealing than the Eins because the head and the following bulb shape would be excellent for G-spot sensation. Since all of this is made of silicone, it also means I could let my partner use it anally, sterilize it completely, and then use it vaginally should I choose. We love toys that allow multiple uses like that.

This toy is not small, as I’ve tried to demonstrate with photos below.

The Sex (for him)
When I told him the toy was on its way, he was curious. When I took it out of the box, all it took was one look for him to declare it would never go into him. The girth on this toy is huge. He was, however, completely open to using the toy on me…

The Sex (for her)
This is now the largest toy I own for initial girth and max girth. Overall, the dimensions of the toy are proportional to each other – its just that the smallest part of this toy are SO big compared where I normally start with toys.

At first, I could only get the head in me. I think my vagina sensed my hesitation about going any further and started to dry up on me (highly unusual). I called for help and he came to help me. He loves to assist me with masturbation and fucking me with fingers and some of my dildos is a definite skill he has.

The Stronic Zwei inbetween the Tantus Echo and nJoy Pur Wand (large end on top)

But with this toy, even with the addition of lube, some orgasms from the Hitachi to relax me, and taking it slow, we couldn’t get this toy all the way in me. It was painful. I’m not one to give up on a toy on the first try. I tried 3 other times to use this toy – I am thorough! But my vagina would never accept this toy. It didn’t matter how I played or experimented with it, it just wouldn’t happen.

Stronic Zwei with the large end of the Pure Wand sitting on top of the widest part of the Zwei. The Zwei is bigger.

The pulsations were definitely a different experience. It didn’t feel the same as a vibrator or even a non-vibrating dildo would. It felt very much like a mini fucking machine and I was surprised by how I was only slightly turned on by it.

I expected fireworks and got only a sparkler instead. It doesn’t move so much to create a true fucking feeling, and without any clit stimulation it was uncomfortable. I needed more movement from the pulsations, a much smaller girth, and some easier to manage controls.

The Judgement
Despite its innovation and design, this toy just doesn’t do it for me. It’s too large to be pleasurable enough to get me off; the shape isn’t conducive to any clitoral stimulation that, as a woman, I need to achieve orgasm.

There isn’t a remote to make it easier to work through the 10 cycles. It is fun to play with, but I need a partner and a lot of warm up time to do it. It’s also not fully submersible for sanitizing between uses. I give the Fun Factory Stronic Zwei a 1/5 rating.

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  1. I just can’t believe it! 1/5? I want one SO badly… I hope should I ever get y hands on one I have a vastly different experience.

    Great review otherwise, and I’m sorry to hear it didn’t do much for you!

  2. Testing your comment section!

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  4. Dude.. I am not much into reading, but somehow I got to read lots of articles on your blog. Its amazing how interesting it is for me to visit you very often. –

  5. It sounds the same as the fucking Eins. Ugh! Toys like this piss me off. They are incredibly expensive yet deliver so little.

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