Jul 282013

I’m back from BlogHer13 and I have a bunch of new energy and exciting for blogging! My first thing to do was find a theme that I liked. My old theme was fine, but it was basic and I didn’t like the limited options it gave me.

So, I went looking for a new blog theme. I’ve looked several times and always became overwhelmed. So many free options yet they seemed a rehash of the same thing. The paid options were nice — but I can’t afford to put more money into my blog after going (unplanned) self-hosted just last month. So, I needed something free and good.

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before, but I realized there were bloggers whose layout I admired – why not see what theme they were using and look into that? My first stop was to Dumb Domme as I’ve always liked her layout.

I know she does a ton of custom stuff and she’s my coding idol – I just hoped she was using a theme from somewhere. And voila! Success! The theme was called suffusion and the website was about as welcoming as any wordpress theme website could be: OPTIONS. CUSTOM. and….. FREE.

Since I liked what I saw, I installed it in wordpress. As soon as it was done installing, this popped onto my admin screen:

Suffusion installed

geek love for large, friendly letters

I feel in geek love at once*. Those large, friendly letters were so comforting. And hilarious. I laughed out loud and then giggled, and then I took the screen shot. How could I not!?

I didn’t panic. In fact, I felt quite comforted and ready to face this new info. All I have to say is: WOW. It is so easy and it has the options I wanted and I’m in little blogging heaven. For now. There are a few things I do want to change, and for that I may need to learn a bit of coding myself. We’ll see.

More to come from me soon!

*If you don’t know WHY I feel in geek love, stop reading my blogs, walk away from the computer, and go borrow/purchase a copy of “The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams and be prepared for the funniest, most entertaining British comedic science fiction ever. Seriously. You need to do this or we may not ever be friends.

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