Jul 242013

BlogHer '13I first heard about BlogHer last year when the event was in New York… and I wanted to go. Then this year, I couldn’t afford to go due to some life stuff.

Then the weirdest, most unexpected thing happened and I was gifted the opportunity to go. I won’t say how or who… the point is, I get to go. And I was told with 3 days notice.

Normally, I’m prepared. I’m a planner. If I’d known a month ago I would have done everything like ordered my business cards, planned my outfits, picked out my schedule, asked off of work for a long weekend… now, I get none of that.

No cards. No idea which sessions I’ll attend. I have a full day of work tomorrow and then will make the 3 hour drive to Chicago where I’ll check in hopefully before 10p to try and rest before two non-stop days of networking, conferencing, and hopefully reinvigorating myself into blogging.


This adaptation to wordpress has been rough for me. I’ve been working on it when I can, but I’m so unhappy with the “newness” and limited customization and lack of general know-how on tweaking a WP blog that I’ve been completely disheartened from blogging.

I’m not sure what to expect from BlogHer 2013, but I’m hoping a new vision for my blog and some refocused energy will be in order.

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