Jul 282013
New Blog Theme!

I’m back from BlogHer13 and I have a bunch of new energy and exciting for blogging! My first thing to do was find a theme that I liked. My old theme was fine, but it was basic and I didn’t like the limited options it gave me. So, I went looking for a new blog theme. I’ve looked several times and always became overwhelmed. So many free options yet they seemed a rehash of the […]

Jul 242013

I first heard about BlogHer last year when the event was in New York… and I wanted to go. Then this year, I couldn’t afford to go due to some life stuff. Then the weirdest, most unexpected thing happened and I was gifted the opportunity to go. I won’t say how or who… the point is, I get to go. And I was told with 3 days notice. Normally, I’m prepared. I’m a planner. If […]

Jul 162013

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions are about important choices we have to make in life, and writing your own TMI questions. Join me in playing . . . 1. Would you rather be smart or awesome? Why? I’d rather be smart. I’m already smart and I think I’m awesome that way, so I kind of feel like I’m both already. If I had to be one and only one, I’d still choose brains over popularity […]

Jul 102013
Review: Fun Factory Stronic Zwei

Note: This toy was sent to me free of charge by Fun Factory USA in exchange for a review. All opinions below are my own. The Toy The Stronic Zwei is the second (zwei = two, get it?) pulsation toy from Fun Factory. It’s a new type of toy where it pulsates vs vibrates. This means it moves not back and forth like a vibration, but up and down so it actually has a fucking […]

Jul 092013

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions were submitted by the late phoenix 1. What is your favorite food and drink? Please, tell a tale of how these two items came to be so special to you, we’d love to hear about it: My favorite food is a 2-way tie. First (and perhaps surprisingly): tomatoes. I looooove tomatoes. Grown at home are the tastiest (and smell the best), but I’m also a fan of Cherry tomatoes and […]

Jul 022013

This TMI Tuesday let’s play sexy fill-in the blanks. 1. If my sex life were a film, it would be rated _____ . My life would be rated “Not Rated” — because you can’t show what we do on a theater screen, so you’d only see me in the not rated second DVD to watch at your own risk. 2. I got a body for lovin’ and a face for kissin’ . 3. It’s extremely […]

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