May 282013

This week, I wrote the questions! 1. Have you ever laughed during sex? Tell us about it. I remember saying something once when he was upright on his knees looking down at me. Whatever I said hit him just right and he collapsed next to me in a fit of laughter and giggles that lasted a couple of minutes. I have no memory of what I said, but the memory of him falling down – […]

May 152013

It’s no secret we met video gaming. We’re both gamers — in our own way. He’s much more experienced and varied in his choices of types of games and consoles. He loves variety whereas I’m much more focused – I tend to pick a game or two and play them to death. I’ll play the same games for years before I’m ready to move on. For us, gaming has been huge. We met role-playing in […]

May 142013
TMI Tuesday: Navigating Sex

1. Answer Yes or No:I Regret My First Kiss – yes…. only in that, it should have happened with someone else much earlier. Oddly enough, if I’d had the first kiss I should have, I would never have married my ex since I would have known what chemistry was. But I held off on the first kiss in the name of “saving it all for that special someone.” Oh, the irony.I Miss My First Love […]

May 132013
Geek post: my computer

A post like the following is probably long overdue. I am a geek/nerdy girl — how have I not talked about my awesome little computer yet!? Four years ago I built myself a computer. It was my first solo build and it was so much fun to select every piece and see it come together. I’d done a couple of builds prior to this for other people and had help. For this to be mine, […]

May 082013

“Will you let my penis in your pussy?” was the question he asked when I had suggested a quick nap before our busy evening. I shouldn’t be surprised at the question; he has asked me before work this morning and I’d had to say no as I was already running 40 minutes behind schedule. “Yes,” was my simple reply, and he beat me running into the bedroom. “Strip! Woman.” he commanded. I only giggled and […]

May 042013
Happy Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth be with you! Last year for this date, I posted pic of us in Star Wars shirts and then teased you with my boobs. And this year, I’m taking a similar approach. Enjoy! Peek of some booty. This image was FHF’s idea. I like it.

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