Jan 102013

We all have limits. I haven’t thought a lot about my hard limits. I’ve written a lot about what I will do… but what won’t I do? I read a great blog post about humiliation in the D/s relationship by Sir Stompsalot where he discusses looking at limits for humiliation in the relationship. This is what I love about reading blogs: You learn about others, but you learn a LOT about yourself. For example, I […]

Jan 072013
The Cock Cage

Early in December, he asked me to marry him.  Later that month, I asked him to make his cock forever mine and gifted him a cock cage. Here are pics from the first 24 hours. He was a little cold. Shrinkage! Just hanging. Naked. Getting hard. Starting to get squeezed. Poor swollen dick. The cage is covering his hole. Oozing.

Jan 052013

Periods. I remember being excited about getting my first one. It was that awesome right of passage from girl to woman. A new responsibility. My own secret to share with whom I wanted. Then it came, and suddenly it was a nightmare. I’m sure a lot of women can share my young teenage grief of trying to hide pads (I didn’t like tampons) from the boys in my class. The fear of looking at the […]

Jan 042013
Red Region's Sexiest Blogs List

So, I am quite delighted and surprised to have made the blogroll list of “Sexiest Blogs of 2012” as rated by Reg Region Inferno! Unlike some other lists I’ve seen, Red Region complied this list himself of blogs that he has found. He did not ask for submissions, suggestions, or opinions. I’m quite honored! The full list can be found here: http://www.redregioninferno.com/theinferno/top-blogs-2012/ and I highly recommend that you check it out along with the blogs […]

Jan 012013

Sometimes plans just don’t work out. Like, having nearly 14 days off in the last half of December would mean I could fit in a lot of writing and actually get ahead on my blog. I could write up a year in review and think about my 2013 plans and resolutions and post the list as a goal for the New Year. Well, things didn’t quite turn out that way. First, it was a seriously […]

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