Jan 302013
Review: Don Wands Pink Graduate Glass Dildo

Note: This product was provided by Erotic Toy Town in exchange for an honest review. You can check out all the glass dildos available at Erotic Toy Town right here. The ToyI was looking forward to this review for so many reasons! First, this is my first double-ended dildo and I was so excited to see how both ends worked for me. I only have one other glass dildo, but its more of a rabbit […]

Jan 282013

The other night, two things happened while the FHF was at class. First, I started a dating profile on OKC looking specifically for local girls to date in a possible secondary relationship. Woah. It took me ages to set it up. I’ve never ventured into online dating. I’ve actually never tried to find a date, things just…. happen. So I looked, browsed, answered questions, looked at some potential matches and got excited.  Excited, but too […]

Jan 282013

The emotional torture that comes with PCOS is something they don’t warn you about.  Everyone talks about the physical symptoms: horrible weight gain, uncontrollable periods, extra body hair and/or loss of hair where it should be are just a few of the delights that a woman with PCOS has to deal with. What they don’t prepare you for is the absolute emotional wreck you can be. It’s really hard to listen to women talk about […]

Jan 232013

I’m a bisexual woman. I want the opportunity to play with partners of both sexes. This is a topic my FHF and I have discussed at length. We’ve agreed that while our relationship is primary, the other is allowed, permitted, and encouraged to find partners of the opposite sex to play with. Occasionally I browse craigslist just to see what people are looking for. That led to our first threesome last fall where I got […]

Jan 222013

Complete each sentence with an anecdote of sexual adventure or misadventure: 1. The first time I . . . ever felt a penis, I had only seen one in a textbook. I was 18 and had snuck away for the weekend from college with my boyfriend at the time. We’d been “dating” almost a year and had never touched genitals of the opposite sex. The first thing I said when I touched it was, “Holy […]

Jan 212013

This weekend I may have really gone overboard on my geek meter. I made a twitter account for my favorite MMO ‘toon. I KNOW. Here I am, tweeting for a fake character, strolling through Middle Earth, because I have so much fun playing her I felt like it would be fun. On a side note, I’m struggling with insomnia and I wonder if this late twitter idea is a side-result. The FHF thinks its equally […]

Jan 152013
TMI Tuesday: You Ought to be in Pictures

A bunch of celebrity sex tapes have been made public through fair means or foul. Have you seen any of these? Which ones? Pamela Anderson and Bret Michaels Paris Hilton and Rick Solomon Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Kim Kardashian and Ray-J Kendra Wilkinson and Justin Frye I haven’t seen any celebrity sex tape. I think I searched for the KimK/RayJ video once, but it was so obvious that a lot of the links led […]

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