Nov 202012
TMI Tuesday: Prostate Love

1. When is the last time you or your loved one had their prostate checked?I’m not sure? My BF has never had his checked by a doctor, and since I don’t have one, I guess our total is zero times. 2. Besides a medical professional, how many other people have had their finger up your ass?Just one, my boyfriend.  Normally I get one finger or a thumb. Once I had two fingers. 3. Have you […]

Nov 192012

It was late. I was tired. He wanted to get off and I wanted to help without reciprocity. He laid back on his pillow, completely bare. Just the light of bedside lamp shown over his naked body. I looked over his naked body. His right hand moved toward his limp cock, and his fingers curled around it. He started to jack it off, slowly, watching me. I was sitting naked beside him near his waist, […]

Nov 132012
TMI Tuesday: Movember

Hello my fellow TMI Tuesday junkies. Movember is in full-swing. I can’t wait to see those Mo’s a little later in the month. In the meantime here is a set of VERY fine TMI Tuesday questions from longtime blogger and frequent TMI Tuesday question contributor If you don’t know what Movember is all about see previous TMI Tuesday posts or click here. Some men who have been treated for Prostate Cancer are unable to […]

Nov 122012

Loud, obnoxious jazz music jolted me awake. Actually I was already awake, but the music made me go from very sleepy to wide awake. I had known it was early and now that my boyfriend’s 5am alarm was going off, I knew just how early it was — on a Saturday.  He snoozed the alarm and rolled over to cuddle me. His body was so hot to the touch. How could he sleep under the […]

Nov 092012

There are so many moments of my life I wish I could capture in a snapshot or film. I’d rather have a picture of these moments, to remember the memories rather than relive them through a video. But these moments are all so unique and special to me. Sixteen months has done nothing to diminish my joy in being with someone I can count as a partner, best friend, and lover. So many beautiful moments […]

Nov 022012

If you were following me on twitter this week, you saw the emotional rollercoaster I was on. Tuesday was a very low point for me, perhaps the lowest I’ve been since my divorce. I was coming up to a very important work deadline (that happened today) and at the crisis point of “It’s not going to happen!” I knew October would be busy, but the exact number of “top priority” assignments that happened turned into […]

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