Oct 112012

A few weeks ago I posted my second audio recording of my orgasm. Overall the feedback was…. overwhelmingly positive. But one comment really, REALLY made my day.

A very lovely, beautiful woman that I have a complete girl-crush on, known as Pumptious Pea, recorded a very short audio clip in response to my recording.

She asked what to call me as… and, knowing it would be public, I gave her my middle name. Elizabeth.

Until this recording, I’ve never cared for the name.

Ohhh… oh my gosh. Elizabeth!     You. Delicious, squirty, howler. You.              Fuck!

Since hearing it, I think I could go with that as my name every day.

My BF, upon hearing her voice, gets an almost instant boner. He is so turned on by her voice. I’m almost forbidden from playing her while he is within hearing distance.

Oh Pea, I wish I could howl for you one day!

If you don’t follow @PlumptiousPea on twitter or listen to her hot audio on her blog, you are missing some very sexy aural delights!

  3 Responses to “She called me Elizabeth”

  1. Holy Fucking A! Full on body shivers. Fuck.

  2. Holy crap! I got so hard I could bust through a wall listening to her.

  3. Damn she has one of those voices that makes ya wet.. I can totally understand why it tears you up. My name ain’t Elizabeth and she could call me that.

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