Oct 192012

I remember what it felt like to snap. That moment where you’re done with reasoning and excuses. The line is drawn and you step across it, knowing there’s no way back. The line where betrayal and pain main any future look brighter than your current experience. It went something like this: It had been a long day, too long. Micah*, my husband, was already home like he always was, but I knew better than to […]

Oct 172012

It wasn’t something we talked about before meeting in person. We’d talked about period sex and we’d talked about oral sex, but never about combining the two. If you’re a long-time reader of this blog, you could probably assume why. Prior to the BF, my sexual relationship consisted of very little sex and when it happened, it was as plain vanilla as it can be. With my ex it was mostly missionary, never any toys, […]

Oct 162012

1.     Have you ever had a friendship with a someone where you secretly (or not so secretly) desired them? Absolutely! In high school I had a crush on several guys who were my friends. I couldn’t help it – they were sweet, fun, and hot. I even got the nerve to tell a couple of them I liked them. One of the turned into a pity date (it was sweet but yeah, neither of us wanted […]

Oct 152012

When his parents visited, we didn’t have sex, mainly due to our awkward and public sleeping arrangements. In reality it was only 48 hours we didn’t have sex, masturbate, or grope each other. It felt like a really long time in our own home. On the first night, we gave each other hand-jobs. Intimate, intense, hand-jobs (read about it here). On the second night, with parents now gone and the house our own, sex didn’t […]

Oct 132012

His parents came to visit us, the first time they’ve done that. We have visited them three times as a couple. The first time I met them was when we were packing up his apartment to move in with me – only three weeks after we had met for the first time! At the time I was afraid they would be against such a quick decision on both our parts, but I’ve never seen any […]

Oct 112012

A few weeks ago I posted my second audio recording of my orgasm. Overall the feedback was…. overwhelmingly positive. But one comment really, REALLY made my day. A very lovely, beautiful woman that I have a complete girl-crush on, known as Pumptious Pea, recorded a very short audio clip in response to my recording. She asked what to call me as… and, knowing it would be public, I gave her my middle name. Elizabeth. Until […]

Oct 102012

His parents arrive in town on a Friday night and we gave them the only bed in our house, our bed. I slept on the couch while my BF took the air mattress in the living room. The first night, we were too tired to do anything. I slept badly and was so tired the next day, I didn’t even think about trying anything. Another horrible nights sleep, I wanted sleep more than sex. And […]

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