Sep 142012
Foot Fetish Friday

Nestled feet It’s Friday. I get a lot of requests for feet pics. My boyfriend loves my feet and I don’t mind sharing my feet with you. A lot of my readers and twitter followers also love feet, so why not? I’d like to make this a regular feature on my blog. I’m not going to commit to every Friday – but look for the somewhat frequently! Who knows, maybe one day we’ll end up […]

Sep 112012

1 – Do you remember your first orgasm? How old were you? Tell us about it.Even though I first started masturbating at the age of 12 (I think), I didn’t orgasm until I was 18. Try as I might (and try I did almost every day for those 6 years!), I could never orgasm. It would get very pleasurable, and I would get close, but I didn’t know how to pace myself and build to […]

Sep 062012

Three. Funny how adding one makes such a difference! Yesterday I posted about our first threesome. I told you want happened, but now I need to share our thoughts and reactions. We knew this day would come. From before our relationship started, we had talked about this happening. Back then it was more a him+guy and me+girl with the other partner present to observe as the way of sharing more than an actual threesome where […]

Sep 052012

Occasionally, I browse the “Casual Romance” section of Craigslist. I never find anything worth pursuing, but the fantasy of finding someone and doing something makes me wet. A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing and came across an ad that I’d never seen before. It was under M4MW and it was a guy in search of a girl to peg him. In return he’d suck the guy’s cock and eat the girl’s pussy, but […]

Sep 042012

1. We are all incurable sex addicts, but name one thing—a job, a passion, a creative outlet, a collection—of yours you use as a replacement, a distraction from constantly thinking about sex 24/7. My biggest distraction from thinking about sex is work. I am highly determined to succeed and pour a lot of my time and energy into work. Its the one major reason why I’ve had to pull back from blogging recently. I am too […]

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