Aug 062012

So many fun, sexy, and loving happy things happened this weekend that I wanted to share all of them. So here is a quick look at just what has made me smile over the past 48 or so hours: Friday night: Being greeted as soon as I’m home from work and cooking dinner together. We chat about my day and share kisses and gropes while we cook. I make taco meat while he preps the […]

Aug 032012
Snapshot: BBC

Right now, my time is limited for writing due to real life, but I wanted to share a conversation and idea that surfaced this evening. Occasionally (read: all the time) while I work from home I browse tumblr. Tonight I came across this:   I showed it to the boyfriend, because the girth of this cock and the view of her pussy being stretched so far was… distracting. I tilted my screen for him to […]

Aug 012012

It’s summer. There’s a heatwave. Do we need any more reasons to be naked? Well, that’s how I go very often in the evening. Naked everywhere. The layout of my home is such that I can move about the entire home without being visible from the front or side windows where possible neighbors could spy on me. (Honestly, I could care less of they did anyway). Last night I was naked, writing for my blog […]

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