Jul 312012

1. How do you feel about giving anal sex (penetration with penis, finger or sex toys)? a. I love it. b. I enjoy it. c. I’m ok with it. d. I don’t really enjoy it. e. I don’t enjoy it at all. f. I have never given anal sex. g. I have never given anal sex, but would like to start. My answer: A. I love to fuck with boyfriend with my fingers or toys! […]

Jul 262012

Monday I posted a blog post about how we had fallen out of our normal sex routine. We were tired and stressed, myself especially. I couldn’t get in the mood; even his masturbation had fallen off its normal routine. We were just weary and sex was so far from our priority. Irony of ironies, he started sexting me at work that day. Well, at first it was just texts about how he wanted me, but […]

Jul 252012
Wicked Wednesday: Sneak Up

I am working from home. We may chit-chat, but my focus is my work. We sit in the same room, but we might as well be worlds apart. I am in full business mode. Conference calls, emails, excel spreadsheets. The outside world disappears.  Occasionally he interrupts my focus. I give the briefest of responses before returning to my world. Mid-afternoon he announces he’s going to shower. I nod an acknowledgment, too busy with my pivot […]

Jul 242012
TMI Tuesday: Let's Go to Bed!

1. What size (King, queen, full, twin)? King! When I was first married we had a queen and I hated it. I actually hated the mattress AND the proximity to my ex. I used a pillow barrier to keep us apart so no snuggling could take place, so we upgraded to a king to make it more comfortable for both of us. Now that I’m with the BF, we are almost always next to each […]

Jul 232012

This is a sex blog, right? Right. So what happens when we hit a dry spell, and we’ve only had sex once in the past week? Woah, what? Only once!? Maybe for some it wouldn’t be such a big deal. For some that may be normal. For us, we’re used to 7-10 times a week, on average. We’ve never been through this kind of “dry spell” before. Part of my mind wants to freak out. […]

Jul 192012
A look at our sex toy collection

Separately, we had both started collecting sex toys. However, neither of us had much of a collection. We started buying toys together before we even met in person. Now you get to see full details below. Innocent cabinet Ta-Da! Our innocent cabinet that matches other bedroom furniture turns into…. OK, let’s dive in, shall we? I’ve linked to blog references to these toys and, for some, where you can buy them yourself. You’re welcome!  Top […]

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