Jun 202012
Review: SLUT Paddle

The Toy SLUT paddle by Sportsheets You know we like spanking, right? Well, we do. Specifically, I like to spank him and he loves to be spanked. I haven’t received much spanking, it’s not my thing like it is for him. However, I’m not opposed to it. The problem with spanking is that, when you use your hand, it starts to sting the spanker pretty quickly. And then, at least for us, my hand/arm gets […]

Jun 192012
TMI Tuesday: You say it's your birthday

1. What star sign are you? I don’t remember and I really don’t care. See #2. 2. Do you believe in horoscopes? Absolutely 100% not. Two key reasons: if you take away the sign and read the description, it can almost always apply 90% to you. There is NOTHING specific about being a sign that would make people say, “Wait, that’s not me!” They are written to apply to anyone who reads them. Second reason, […]

Jun 142012

In all reality, this past weekend was like many other weekends for us. The only exception was I wrote ahead on my blog and spent nearly no time in the blogging/twitter world that I frequently haunt on the weekends. My time was instead dedicated to us time. It was actually a quiet weekend for us; house buying issues came up and took away some of our fun, but I think we still made up for […]

Jun 132012

The Toy For months and months I have been craving and lusting after the Hitachi magic wand. And why not? It’s a powerhouse vibrator; and I do love a good vibrator. The comments I see from women on twitter and some pictures I’ve seen on tumblr made the need all the more acute. I NEEDED to try out this toy. I accumulated a few Amazon gift cards and purchased it as a gift for myself… […]

Jun 122012
TMI Tuesday: The most times

We want to know what things you’ve done the most times. 1. What sex position have you been in the most times?  Easy for both of us: Missionary. I personally love this position. If it’s boring, you’re doing it wrong!  It’s poorly named (a sign of our Western sexual repression and the influence of Christianity on sex… OK, I’ll stop myself from going on a diatribe here) and is considered the “default” or “most common” […]

Jun 112012

Our anniversary is today. One year ago, I made the trip to meet him at a bus station, and drove him back to my place. It was our very first meeting. And, very unlike anything I had ever done. Have you not read our story? You should. Read first how we met, and then our story of our first night in part one and part two. The plan was simple: he would visit for three […]

Jun 082012

In a few days, it will be our 1 year anniversary. When I first started this blog, I wrote an entry talking about all the first-time we had shared together. If you haven’t read it, go back and read it here. Here is a short list (with links to some entries that highlight each act!): 1. Multiple orgasms. 2. Strap-on/Pegging. 3. Rimming. 4. Anal sex. 5. Double Penetration (DP). 6. Feet.  7. Watersports. 8. Cumming […]

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