May 042012

… be with you!

Today is May 4th, aka, STAR WARS day!!! Star Wars is, and ever will be, my most favorite movie of all time. So to celebrate, we give you these….

In our Star Wars shirts and panties
I got booty!

Lifting it up….
Getting closer…

This picture blocked by the boyfriend.

Hope you enjoy our Star Wars feature. And seriously, Han shot first…

  7 Responses to “May the 4th”

  1. First? Han shot ONLY! We’re celebrating May the Fourth by watching the original cut of A New Hope ’cause that’s how we roll.

    And you two are hot. Just sayin’.

  2. That last picture, of him covering you up, is kinda adorable. :)

    • It is, I had to include it! He’s very… protective of my body, to say the least.

      Protective isn’t the right word… but I think you know what I mean.

  3. LOVE your shirts, LOVE the fun pictures, LOVE our geeky connection. Perhaps in support of Star Wars Day, I’ll post a picture of my Chewbacca collection…

  4. Yum, wow. There’s nothing I don’t like about these photos. Your shirt and panties, his panties, your booty. *wipes drool from chin* I’d like the force to be with me, please! 😉

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