May 312012

Disclaimer: This post is an entry into the contest hosted by Master Jean-Luc Gothos at his blog. The focus of the contest is to write a short story or encounter about the past that includes masturbation. Anyone can enter this contest, and the prize is a sweet $55 gift card! You have until June 8th to submit your entry either as a comment on his blog post or as a feature on your own blog […]

May 302012
Masturbation month: his focus on my ass

May is National Masturbation month – and what an excellent month to choose! We have a 3-day holiday weekend and 31 days in the month… someone selected very, very well. Twice this month, something happened that I never imagined possible before the boyfriend entered my life: he masturbated and got off to my ass. Twice this month.The first time…The first time was earlier in the month during an afternoon when I was working from home. […]

May 292012

1.  If your lover was turned on by forced feminization* would you participate? (*forced feminization is the practice of enforcing activities on a male, which are typically associated with women to make him submissive. For example, wearing lingerie, heels, make-up.) I think the key word to this question is: IF.  There is no IF. It’s more like “when.” We’ve made no secret that my boyfriend likes to wear panties, specifically lacey thongs. He also has […]

May 252012

It shouldn’t surprise you to know that life does interrupt our sex life at times. We may make plans and they may go completely awry. Not everything is amazing, incredible, gorgeous, hot sex. By now, we’ve had a variety of these experiences. Sometimes we plan to have sex, and then we’re too tired. Or he’s going to eat me out, but my period starts a day early. Sometimes we try a new position, and we […]

May 242012

Yes, there is an exclamation point at the end of the title to this entry. It’s been 11 months in training, research, and above all, PRACTICE to make it to this point. And Monday night, it finally happened. I’ve done a ton of research in learning how to deep throat. I never needed to with my ex – his dick didn’t trigger my gag reflex. (To all you men who are in a similar situation […]

May 232012

The BF and I have been together almost a year, but I didn’t tell my parents about him until at least a month after he’d moved in. Why the time delay? I had my reasons. My parents have never been open to my relationships, but once they are in, they won’t let go. They continued a personal relationship with my ex for 8 months after we split. For six months they wouldn’t drop the question […]

May 222012

In many polls, you are asked if you strong agree, somewhat agree, neither agree nor disagree, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree with some proposition. Today, we go the other way. We supply the answer, you supply the question. 1. Tell us something with which you strongly agree, or greatly like.Orgasms should be equal opportunity.  This means each partner has the opportunity to orgasm. I’m not saying the numbers need to be exactly equal… as a […]

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