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Q. What is your opinion on penis size?
I’m glad you asked for my opinion – because there is no right answer. I have a friend who says, “If it doesn’t hurt, then it’s not worth it!” I’m NOT that kind of gal. So, let me give you some history, and then my thoughts.

I am in my mid-20’s, and have only had experience with 2 penis’s. Surprised? I’m not sure if its rare/typical, each person has their story. My first penis was the smaller one – I’d call it 5 inches from what I remember. I call it the “smaller” one because that’s what it is – smaller than what I have now. That being said, its actually the average length for a penis. My BF’s penis is about 8 inches. Yes – that is a big step up, and I honestly love it. I can take him balls deep in my pussy, but I can’t deep throat him all the way – my gag reflex is still trying to cope with the length. At 8inches I can grip his dick with both hands (one on top of another covering as much dick as possible) and still have the head showing.

So is bigger better? No, not necessarily. In my experience its what you DO with what you have that is way more important than what you have. I don’t care if you have a 10 inch thick penis – if you are clueless on how to please a women, or how to even ask how to please her, then I’m probably not going to be satisfied. One thing I like about my BF is that he can make me cum just by fucking me. It’s probably a combination of penis-length (I love being filled) and technique… but I’d say technique is more important. He certainly knows how to fuck with his whole body – its not just thrusting, but its kissing and hands and talk and positions and leverage and placement. Everything.

 What about girth? Girth is important. Too skinny, and you might feel like you’re a dick flapping in a sticky, wet, wind tunnel. Too wide, and you might not get very far without a ton of lube and foreplay – and for some girls even that is too much. I had a friend who had to ice her pussy after the first several times with a guy – he was just too wide for her. (Don’t worry my girthy friends, they were able to work it out and are together.) Is there a perfect girth? I have no idea. I really can’t answer this – it might vary by girl, it might vary by experience. I’m happy with my BF’s girth – it fills me up, fucks me to no end, and can just fit in my mouth (sometimes it does get too big where I can barely get it in, I will say).

OK – penis size. You know what, I don’t think it matters. Infinitely more important is your confidence, paying attention to her satisfaction, and learning how she can and likes to cum. All of that trumps size… size is relative and it really depends on the lady. When I was with the smaller dick, I would cum during sex with clit stimulation while being fucked. Even today they remain the best intercourse orgasms.

Worried? Stop it. Just fuck him/her already.

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  1. To be the best possible lover, a man has to learn where his woman is the most sensitive and where she wants to be pleasured most, and make sure he rubs those areas with his cock. Not every woman is the same! I find many women enjoy the cock head inserted part way in, so it stretches her G-spot, and pulled out from time to time to be rubbed on her clitoris. A man with a 5″ cock can do this just as well as a man with a longer one.

  2. There are a lot of guys out there who would probably like a few more inches, but then would likely be disappointed if their partners couldn’t deep-throat them. I wonder if the prevalence of such acts in mainstream porn is responsible for the unrealistic expectations men seem to have these days.

    “Worried? Stop it. Just fuck him/her already.” Excellent sentiment. Overthinking/analysis isn’t going to change the size or ability of anyone or anything. It’s pointless.

    Also your caption to the picture had us giggling. :)

  3. I’m glad Jack linked to your blog on Twitter – this was a great read! I agree with your answer 110% – it’s how you write with the pencil, not the size of it. And your last paragraph, about confidence and knowing how to satisfy your partner being more important than size, BRAVO!

  4. Great post. That being said, I feel like D has the perfect cock size for my pussy, but sometimes I *love* it when he also slides a finger or two for additional stretch. It drive me insane!

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