Mar 202012

Want to hear me orgasm? Then you’re in luck. This is me masturbating. Recorded for you. I’m normally a screamer, but I’m not that loud on my own. I’ll let you be the judge. Enjoy!

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  1. This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today! Thank you so much for sharing! It really got my blood pumping and my juices flowing!

    How did you post this on Blogspot, though? I didn’t know there is a way to post audio files. I’d certainly rather do it this way than to refer to something off-site like Posterous.

  2. This is exactly what we needed to hear today as well. We find listening to a woman orgasming beyond exciting and arousing. Jill’s at work at the moment, but we will be listening to this again when she gets home. Sex will follow.

    Tonya – try AudioBoo.

  3. We’ve done 2 audio files of me having an orgasm – tomorrow’s post will have number 3. They’re always pretty popular. And fun to record… 😉

    Yours is hot!

  4. I finally got round to listening to this (doesn’t work on my phone) and I just wanted to say it is fucking hot. Might have another listen in a moment!


  5. Super hot. I love the whimpers. Very sexy voice. Sounds like it felt great – definitely worked on me 😉

    If I cum after listening to this, seems only fair to post the sounds, doesn’t it? Hehe

  6. OMG you are amazing!

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