Mar 312012

It makes me angry when someone who is supposed to be an expert in something intentionally misleads their followers. Today, I saw a well known sex toy company post about a controversial topic with a link to a dubious article. Here is the post and the website link. For me, Adam & Eve are an expert in the sex toy industry. They’ve been in business for over 40 years and have sold products to more […]

Mar 302012

We had sex Sunday morning. It was good wake up sex. Sunday night I gave him a BJ – and he fell asleep within 60 seconds. I decided to wait until tomorrow to cum. Monday night, I spoiled him rotten with a massage, full body kissing, then a long, sensuous handjob. I didn’t want anything in return, it was his night. I decided I could wait one more day to cum. Tuesday night he had […]

Mar 302012

Q. What’s the naughtiest sexual act that you’ve done or want to do at your place of work?What I’ve done and what I’d like to do – very different answers. My workplace isn’t really conducive to being naughty. I’ve never been able to participate in a #workwank as its commonly referred to on twitter. I work in a cubicle right outside of HR. The bathrooms are shared between my company and 2 others — basically […]

Mar 292012

Trending topic on Twitter: #20ThingsILove. I could have tweeted all of this — but let’s face it, I love to expound on a topic and give detail. So here we go. And no, these are in NO particular order. And its nowhere near comprehensive. 20. Sex: I’m not talking about orgasms – who doesn’t love orgasms? But I’m really talking about sex. Just the act of touching each other, feeling each other. Fingers, mouths, dicks, […]

Mar 282012
Photo blog: My sexy feet in the bathtub

 I took a bath. Covered myself in bubbles.  Then I took some pictures. I took them, along with some other naked photos, as a surprised for the boyfriend.   And now I’m sharing those pictures of my feet, with you. Would you like to wash them for me?  Tickle my toes, cover them in bubbles.Watch them sparkle in the light?   The boyfriend likes to jack off to my feet.  And let my feet jack him off.  […]

Mar 282012

The other night we were cuddling in bed just chatting. I can’t remember if it was pre- or post- sex. He mentioned that one of our next toy purchases needed to be a secure tie-down system. Now we have three pairs of handcuffs – one metal, two cloth with velcro straps. The problem with the cloth is that the velcro can be ripped if you pull strong enough (and we both have) and the chain […]

Mar 242012
On being sex postive pt2

Note: This is a continuation of my prior blog post about how I was in a long sex negative relationship and how I eventually escaped it by standing up for myself and what I wanted. This post is about recovering from the emotional damage and finding confidence in  yourself.  In this post, I am brutally honest about me and my insecurities. In sharing this part of me, I hope I can show one person that […]

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