Feb 282012

I’ve been asked several times on twitter how we met. Some have asked for advice on how to meet someone geeky, kinky, and open minded like we are. We’re not sure we can give that much advice, as you’ll see, this isn’t something that you plan for. Two years ago a friend talked me into trying an MMORPG that she really enjoyed – Lord of the Rings Online. (For the non-gamers out there, that means […]

Feb 252012

What makes our sex life so great? Variety! There’s so much sex and kink in our lives, sometimes we’re not sure what to do… some things are more favorite than others, but we do like to play. A lot. Here are some firsts we’ve enjoyed: 1. Multiple orgasms. Believe it or not, before the BF I never enjoyed the awesomeness of cumming again and again. Before, I was only able to cum once at a […]

Feb 252012

I’m a cock tease. I love to tease, torture, prolong, toy, and play with cock. I like to combine sensations: soft and slow, soft and fast, hard and slow, hard and fast, strong grip, light grip, fingertips only, fingers, one hand, two hands, knuckles, in between fingers, palms… there are so many ways to play with a cock and give a handjob. I love to explore, and I’m always watching his face to see which […]

Feb 222012

Before I tell you about this afternoon, there’s some background about me you should know. My 9-year relationship with my ex was a disaster when it came to my pussy being eaten. The first time (my first time ever) it lasted all of 15 seconds before I got the “Honey, I can’t do this… it tastes kinda gross. I can’t stand it.” That was on my 19th birthday… talk about disappointment and self-esteem crashing galore. […]

Feb 202012

When the BF and I started dating (another story for another time), we agreed on “The Rule” of our relationship. The rule was simple: We had to date for 1 year before we could consider the next step. Its a simple rule, right? Well, it seemed that way. 1 year to get to know each other, experience the other through thick and thin, the good and bad. It seemed smart and safe and pretty straightforward. […]

Feb 192012

Part one of our Sunday morning ritual includes foot fetish sex and tickling. Part 2 We are cuddling, laying facing the foot of the bed with our feet on the pillows, collapsed in a pile together from sex. I don’t remember what we talked about. I know he wanted to get me out of bed to start the day, but I was feeling lazy. And still a little horny… I wanted to play with the […]

Feb 192012

Part 1 This morning began as most Sunday mornings do for us. He kissed me awake before I wanted to be awake, but his hornyness and desire for sex NOW is pretty contagious. It also helps that after he kissed me awake and called me beautiful, he reached down and started running his fingers along my pussy lips. I spread my legs for him and his fingers started massaging my clit, which was still a […]

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